• if you have an issue to be addressed, check the lists of active and awaiting feedback issues to see if there is already made a PITS entry for it.
    • also check the complete list in case the issue has been reported and resolved previously
  • if a similar issues does exist you can
    • edit the PITS entry to add more details, opinions
    • add your vote on the issue's priority and popularity, issues with higher priority and more votes votes tend to get greater attention. (See below.)
  • if no similar issue has yet been registered, click on the new issue link and fill out the form to add the new issue to the tracking system
    • ensure the title is suggestive enough that others can understand the issue (and add their votes to the priority)
    • for bug reports make sure the description includes enough details that someone can observe or duplicate the bug so a fix can be found
    • see also How To Get Assistance
  • the description text is just wiki text, so it's okay to include links to other pages and sites to further demonstrate or explain the issue.

The status of each issue is typically given as one of:

new issues and issues still under consideration
the issue has been confirmed to exist but still needs a fix
awaiting feedback: more information is needed before the issue can be addressed
Pm has it on his "to do" list of things to be addressed
PITS discussions that have been inactive for 365 days or more. If some issues were not resolved in recent PmWiki releases, please edit or vote for the corresponding issue. The entry will automatically reappear in the Active issues lists.
items that are open for consideration, but aren't being immediately addressed either for technical reasons or because with PmWiki Philosophy #3 there's not enough interest/priority to make the issue "ripe". Adding priority votes or details to these items may help to move them back to open status.
issues that are considered resolved (fixed, added or declined). If you feel some listed issue requires some action, you can either reopen it, or create a new one.

A note about how Pm views the priorities:

"The priorities are primarily advisory, but they do carry a lot of weight with me, especially if there are a large number of votes. But when setting out to work on something I examine not only an issue's priority but also its difficulty and the impacts it might have on other features in the overall systems. So, issues that are listed low or medium priority but otherwise easily addressed may get taken care of quickly, while high priority issues that require lots of planning and effort may take longer to be addressed.
But it's also worth pointing out that if an issue is especially important to you and you want to get beyond simple appeals to my reason, it is possible to use economic and market incentives to adjust my perceptions of issues' priorities :-). (See SendPmMoney). " --Pm