00300: Add discussion page at every new page.

Summary: Add discussion page at every new page.
Created: 2005-01-24 14:22
Status: Closed
Category: Feature
Priority: 52
Version: 2.0

Description: Maybe it is usefull to add a discussion page standard to every new page. Just like in the big brother mediawiki. In that case people that aren't sure about the content of the page can ask questions here. Like: Is it true that, .... Didn't he die in 1857 in stead of ...... This content isn't usefull in the mainpage, but would be good in a discussion page. Also if the attr is set to readonley, users can put extra info into the discussion site. This wil improve PM greatly I think.

Yes, I'd find it very useful for leaving notes to other authors. When page has "almost-complete" state you don't want to put comments on the page itself.

That might be easy to implement by adding link to skins and allowing some special wikipage syntax like [[PageName::Discussion]]

Merged this PITS with PITS.00045 which is exactly the same. Closed this one, copied comments/priorities to 00045. --Henning March 08, 2005, at 09:47 AM