00219: sortable columns in PITS

Summary: sortable columns in PITS
Created: 2004-12-07 14:05
Status: Closed - added
Category: Feature
From: HugoAlroe
Priority: 2
Version: pmwiki-2

Description: The PITS systems seems a very usable feature (I want to use it myself on a coming orgprints.org wiki). But when there are a lot of issues, like on pmwiki.org, it would be nice to be able to sort the PITS table by different columns. There is a very nice and seemingly wellfunctioning javascript that would do the job in a simple way, on http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/ But I don't know whether javascript would fit into the pmwiki philosophy. And, though sorting by priority would be most useful, this would require some other system of adding priorities, I think.

You can already sort by columns in PITS; just add ?order=X,Y,... to the URL to change the ordering sequence, where the arguments to order= are one of name, priority, category, version, or status. If you want to do a descending sort then precede the name with a minus sign. Thus order=-name gives the results in descending order by name, order=category,-priority gives them sorted by category and descending order by that.

Maybe I'll add some links to the PITS headers to be able to change the sort criteria by clicking on a link.


Done - 2004-12-09. --Pm