00292: html snapshot of a wiki site

Summary: html snapshot of a wiki site
Created: 2005-01-18 15:29
Status: Closed - dup of 00202
Category: Feature
From: hal
Priority: 4
Version: PmWiki 2

Description: It would be good to have a possibility to 'freeze' a pmwiki website by taking a 'snapshot' of the (x)html pages that pmwiki presents to a browser (this was mentioned on pmwiki-users by someone a while ago).

I see three cases where this would be handy:

  1. : sites that are 'finalised' in some sense so that they go from a dynamic to a static state, where viewing is still wanted, but the overhead, maintaining and risks of keeping it as a pmwiki site are no longer desirable.
  2. in cases where one for some other reason wants to abandon the pmwiki php-based platform and switch to maintaining a html website in some other manner
  3. if the development of pmwiki is abandoned

This is a duplicate of PITS:00202 -- you might add your comments and vote there.