00718: FourOhFourCache

Summary: FourOhFourCache
Created: 2006-04-06 12:05
Status: Closed - answered
Category: Cookbook
From: TT?
Priority: 3

Description: I would like to see the FourOhFourCache recipe (PmWiki-V1) updated to the current version.

Why hasn't it been done already? Is it very hard?

Caching is very difficult to do and have it work correctly. Caching can only work when pages contain no dynamic elements and do not depend on the identity of the visitor. In particular, this means that password-protected pages, pages containing pagelists, and pages using certain conditional markup directives cannot be cached. And there has to be special handling for pages that use (:include:).

I've done a preliminary version of a caching recipe for PmWiki, but I discovered that in many cases on my server it appeared to slow the system down more than it helped (due to disk contention). I'll add it as a cookbook recipe at some point.