00777: Saved view differs from Preview view

Summary: Saved view differs from Preview view
Created: 2006-07-24 06:40
Status: Closed - workaround
Category: Cookbook
From: Des
Priority: 4
Version: 2.1.11
OS: Windows/Apache/4

Description: Using the [=...=] markup to prevent formatting together with two backslashes to prevent linespacing, I found the Preview of the 2 lines was as expected, but the Saved version failed to show the second line.

[=(:gmap zom=12:)=]\\
[=(:gmapoint lat=55.7564 lon=-5.5543 msg="It's a marker":)=]

Produced the expected output in Preview:-

(:gmap zom=12:)
(:gmapoint lat=55.7564 lon=-5.5543 msg="It's a marker":)

But only shows the first line in Saved view:-

(:gmap zom=12:)

The same thing happens if I use the [@...@] markup around the two lines (and delete the two backslashes). Both lines appear in Preview, only the first is visible in the Saved view.

Update, I resolved the problem locally by reformatting the lines as follows:-

[=(:=]gmap zom=12:)\\
[=(:=]gmapoint lat=55.7564 lon=-5.5543 msg="It's a marker":)

It may or may not be related, but I have noticed a similar effect with the 3 and 4 tilde (~) shortcut for inserting the Author name. Using 3 tildes, the link to my profile appears as non-existent in Preview, but is fine when Saved. The 4 tildes works fine in Preview or Save.