01456: Skin bug - monobook

Summary: Skin bug - monobook
Created: 2020-09-07 23:33
Status: Closed - fix provided
Category: Cookbook
From: Mojo?
Priority: 1
Version: 2.2.131
OS: Unix/Apache/PHP7.2

Description: Hi,

I had an issue after upgrading PMWiki to the latest version using softaculous via cpanel. All of my text in my wiki was missing except the search box and the top and side panels.

After following the info on the PMWiki site I thought it may have been an encoding issue or a permissions issue that was causing all my text to be unable to be displayed.

After trying disabling user auth, including the utf8 script, changing folder permissions etc nothing had fixed the issue. I finally tried changing the skin just to see what would happen.

I was using 'monobook' and I changed it to 'print' and all my text and pages were displayed again. Swapping back to monobook re-introduced the issue. I do not know what was wrong with the version of monobook skin I had installed, but I downloaded the zip file of the skin again and updated to the monobook72.php file as suggested here : https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Skins/Monobook

The skin is now working fine but in the bottom left of my sidebar I get plain text displayed as:

"function:RenderSidePart pageleftbodycaption pageleftbody sidenote SiteAdmin.SiteAdmin-SideNote SiteAdmin.SideNote Site.SideNote"

I have tried to find where this is coming from and noted that other sites running the monobook skin have a similar issue (eg http://www.apcs.mathorama.com/index.php and http://www.profgraf.com/index.php/PmWikiDe/PmWiki )

Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of the additional text as I really like the monobook skin!

Thanks in advance Mojo?

Thanks for your report -- the skin enabled on pmwiki.org is probably a little older and was missing some functions that exist in the skin distributed in the ZIP archive. I've updated and re-uploaded the monobook72.php file which you can get from the same page, rename, upload, enable. Please test and report in case I overlooked or missed anything else. --Petko

Thanks for your prompt response! I have re downloaded the zip file and the monobook72.php file from the same page and the problem is resolved. Many thanks and thank you for your work! -- Mojo? 6:45pm 8 Sept 2020