00730: Title info missing in file

Summary: Title info missing in file
Created: 2006-04-27 03:16
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: MaBen
Priority: 4
Version: 2.1.2

Description: Although I have used the directive (:title text:) the title info is not stored in the file. So the [[link|+]] is also not working properly. Is interesting to note that old pages with titel= information don't have an title-entry after a new edit of the particularly page.

I need more detail for this entry -- are there any recipes being loaded that might be affecting the (:title:) markup? Also, does the problem still exists in versions of PmWiki after 2.1.2?

It appears to be working fine on pmwiki.org.


In the meantime I have updated to the Version 2.1.6. The behavior is still the same:

  • old (not edit file) show the entered title info as expected
  • as soon I edit a page with an (:title text:) markup the title= entry in the file is missing and so the markup [[link|+]] don't work
  • it is also so that when I generate a new page with an (:title text:) the title= entry is missing
  • I have identified, that the problem occurs together with the cookbook Extendmarkup Version 2.0.49
  • It is solved in the Version: 2.0.59 of Extendmarkup - Thank you for your help!