00840: Icons for uploaded files (excluding image types)

Summary: Icons for uploaded files (excluding image types)
Created: 2006-11-30 16:45
Status: Closed
Category: CoreCandidate
From: Nicholas?
Priority: 53
OS: OS X/Apache/PHP 5

Description: Hi,

I'd like to have an icon 'xxx.png' file (stored in pub/icons/ folder) to show alongside (to the left) of an uploaded file.

Example page output:

ICON summary.xls, ICON aworddocument.doc, ICON anotherfile.xxx, ICON andanotherfile.123 where ICON = the 'xxx.png' icon graphic.

As long as there is an icon file in the pub/icons/ folder then it should precede the attachment link. So eg in my pub/icons/ folder there would be xls.png, doc.png, pln.png (archicad file), ppt.png, mov.png, mp4.png, zip.png etc

If there is no icon then the attachment should show according to current PMWiki defaults. This means that graphics like .gif .jpg etc will show as expected and the icon markup won't be called upon as there's no gif.png, jpg.png to be found in the pub/icons/ folder.

In some browsers this doesn't matter but some put a symbol where the 'missing' xxx.png should have been and spoils the page. The way I've currently got round this is to put a 1x1 pixel transparent gif.png and jpg.png file in my pub/icons/ folder. This is messy html and interfering with other customisations I'm implementing.

The idea is that the pmwiki user would immediately see what type of file they would open by clicking on the link.

High priority for me but not sure whether others want it...



This has been implemented at least twice as cookbook recipes (Cookbook.AttachIcons and Cookbook.AttachIcons2) --Eemeli Aro