00069: $LinkPageSelfFmt incorrectly used with fragments

Summary: $LinkPageSelfFmt incorrectly used with fragments
Created: 2004-10-04 01:30
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel12
Category: Bug
From: jr
Priority: 4
Version: pmwiki2 dev 11
OS: all

Description: If an author refers to the current page with a ? or # suffix, pmwiki incorrectly uses the self-reference format. It should only use this format with references without a # or ? qualifier.

To fix this, change

 $fmt = ($tgtname==$pagename) ? $LinkPageSelfFmt : $LinkPageExistsFmt;


 $fmt = ($tgtname==$pagename && $qf=='') ? $LinkPageSelfFmt : $LinkPageExistsFmt;