00603: Upload versioning is browser dependent

Summary: Upload versioning is browser dependent
Created: 2005-11-22 15:45
Status: Open
Category: Feature
From: TT?
Priority: 3
Version: 2.0.12
OS: Linux / Apache 2.0.54 / PHP 5.0.4

Description: When I overwrite a picture file, the file is renamed like:

This is OK as long as I work with Internet Explorer in Windows 2000.
But Mozilla Firefox doesn't recognize the extension ".jpg,12345"

I have direct downloads enabled.

I would like the extension to remain ".jpg" and rename files like this:

  • picture.jpg --> picture,12345.jpg
  • picture,12345.jpg --> picture,56789.jpg

The motivation of the timestamp-extension file name is explained in the feature request 00386. The reason for not preserving the extension was that it was the simplest way of avoiding multiple time-stamps like this:

  • picture,12345.jpg --> picture,12345,56789.jpg

(Normally, you would always overwrite the current version and not an old version. A file with a non-standard extension is refused because it's not in the permitted extension list.)

Just some background information. I'm glad you're interested in upload versioning, too - more users, more ideas :-)

--Henning November 22, 2005, at 05:23 PM