00173: <!--HeaderText--> breaks <!--PageHeaderFmt-->

Summary: <!--HeaderText--> breaks <!--PageHeaderFmt-->
Created: 2004-11-22 13:42
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: Stefan
Priority: 55
OS: Apache, linux

Description: If some part of the skin should not be shown with a construct like

<!--PageHeaderFmt--> <bla1> <!--HeaderText--> <bla2> <!--/PageHeaderFmt-->

is shown as (in the browser)

<!--PageHeaderFmt--><!--HeaderText--> <bla2> <!--/PageHeaderFmt-->

<!--HeaderText--> should only appear in the <head> section of a document, while <!--PageHeaderFmt--> should only appear in the <body> of the document. Thus this error should never occur in practice. (Or, another way of looking at it-- <!--PageHeaderFmt--> isn't intended to contain <!--HeaderText--> under any circumstances. --Pm