00185: Accented letters, again

Summary: Accented letters, again
Created: 2004-11-28 09:48
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta7
Category: Bug
From: PRZ
Priority: 45
Version: 2.0 devel 26
OS: Linux

Description: When a page name contains the accented letter 'é', there is a bug with Attach:something.jpg Δ

Please see here an example : (:markup:) http://www.rouzeau.net/w/z.php/Construction/Prot%E9gerLesGlissi%E8res http://www.rouzeau.net/w/z.php/Construction/ProtégerLesGlissières [[http://www.rouzeau.net/w/z.php/Construction/ProtégerLesGlissières]] [[http://www.rouzeau.net/w/z.php/Construction/Prot%E9gerLesGlissi%E8res]]

In addition the http link seems also broken, as can be seen above.

Note this one is very strange because :

  • A page with a name containing the accented letter 'è' is perfectly Ok :
  • In the first page, you can see that the markup 'Img:' which is closely derived from the 'Attach:' markup is working well.
Not so, because when i added the (missed) following exchange to solve the others accents letter problem, Img: also goes wrong
 $sm = preg_replace('/[\\x80-\\xff ]/e',"'%'.dechex(ord('$0'))", $smallimg);


The problem appears to be not the specific letter, but rather that there is more than one in the link. PmWiki thinks that the %-signs are delimiting a wiki style, so it's replacing them with styling code. I'll have to work on this one. --Pm