01330: Improve instructions regarding file permissions

Summary: Improve instructions regarding file permissions
Created: 2013-12-19 14:58
Status: Closed (page already opens in a new tab, a fact that had somehow escaped me)
Category: Feature
From: StefCT
Priority: 1
Version: 2.2.57
OS: Debian Wheezy/Apache 2.2.22/PHP 5.4.4-14

Description: In my experience the following instructions (which often appear in your browser after installing a brand new wiki) can become a little bit confusing for beginners:

Or, for a slightly more secure installation, try executing

    chmod 2777 /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3

on your server and following this link [http://localhost/Wiki3/index.php]. 
Afterwards you can restore the permissions to their current setting by executing

    chmod 755 /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3 

... because after following the link the initial error page will be gone (unless I remember opening it in a new tab) and I cannot see the last command which I have yet to enter. Hitting the "Back" button doesn't work either.

Of course this wouldn't happen to a real pro (they would copy the command before or they would know it by heart anyway), but for inexperienced beginners it could become a slightly embarrassing obstacle. Maybe it would be a good idea to explicitly remind people to either memorize the command or to open the link in a new tab?

-- StefCT StefCT December 19, 2013, at 02:59 PM