00424: Easier Pasting from Word Documents

Summary: Easier Pasting from Word Documents
Created: 2005-04-19 21:19
Status: Suspended
Category: Cookbook
Priority: 54

Description: For the group that I’m using PMwiki with it is imperative that there be an easier method for pasting documents from MS Word into the wiki. It’s an academic department who are are working on very long documents in Word & the tedium of wiki-fying is a real collaboration killer. (We’re not talking about people who know regex here.)

What I’d like is something that would transform tabbed paragraphs to line breaks, bold to bold, italic to italic, and bulleted lists to unordered lists, (headlines to headlines would be a plus, but not super important) similar to how the excel table thing works.

I realize that there is a staggering variety of word documents and nothing could work perfectly every time for every document, but I’d be thrilled with the most basic functionality.


Unfortunately, writing a word-to-wiki translator sounds pretty involved. At any rate, this is an item left for the cookbook.


See: Word2PmWiki

--Pierre Racine