01047: Escape-block within a code block to enable (inline) markup

Summary: Escape-block within a code block to enable (inline) markup
Created: 2008-09-16 05:13
Status: Open
Category: Feature
Priority: 5
Version: 2.2.0+
OS: -

Description: Would be nice to have a escape block within code blocks to use some markup with in. I think a example can explain it in a short way:

Lets assume the escape block is marked by: {! marked-up content !}

[@my code {! [[ALink]] !} ... @]

my code {! [[ALink]] !} ...

This should place a link within my code block.

For a single line code block this:

[@my code @] [[ALink]] [@ ...@]

my code ALink? ...

would nearly look the same and has a working link but if there is a hole block:

some code
code {! [[ALink]] !}
more code
some code
code {! [[ALink]] !}
more code

it doesn't work this way and I think there isn't yet a way to make it work without spliting the code-block in multiple blocks.

I think it would be enough to enable all inline markups through such a escape sequence. The font should not explicite change back to the default font of the page so the monospace layout is not destroyed until I would force this by define some CSS doing it. Like:

pre > a { font-family:serif; }

Thanks and greets, Jan

But isn't is enough to be able to do this? --Eemeli Aro January 20, 2009, at 04:23 AM

@@my code [@with an [[example]]@]\\
and [[a link]] ... @@

my code with an [[example]]
and a link? ...

Response --JanBernitt? March 9th, 2009

I don't think it is: I would like to have this escape functionality to be able to use the code environment

some code pasted from clipboard

so I can simply paste my code (Java or something else) and only enhance the pasted code with some custom markup functions and links so mark code positions with visible marks and so on. That shouldn't take long time to edit due I have a lot of this to do. Just past it, enhance it. With the @@ code @@ markup I had to edit every single line - set line break, escape special chars and so on. Thats not the kind of think I would like to spend much time with.

try this
some code
code @]@@ [[ALink]] @@[@
more code
some code
more code