00921: Missing lines in Site/Site page

Summary: Missing lines in Site/Site page
Created: 2007-05-06 10:21
Status: Closed
Category: Bug
From: isidor
Priority: 4
Version: Pmwiki 2.2 b45

Description: I've installed a new wiki and in the page Site/Site

the lines

  • Search - configure the search page
  • Approved Urls - configure 'Url Approvals' to discourage "link spamming"
  • Blocklist - configure a 'Blocklist' of IP addresses and expressions which are prevented from being added into pages


  • All recent changes - changes made to all pages in all groups

not displayed (Blocklist and Url approval is activated) you could see it here http://test1.gadz.org/Site/Site

Is that normal ?

The Site.Site page in the distribution has probably not been updated to be the same as the PmWiki Site.Site page.