00626: refcount shows "orphaned" pages which are not orphaned

Summary: refcount shows "orphaned" pages which are not orphaned
Created: 2005-12-22 04:09
Status: Open
Category: Bug
From: Elsni
Priority: 433
Version: 2.0.10
OS: linux / apache2 / 4.something

Description: refcount shows pages as orphaned which are referenced somewhere.


This page is listed as orphaned: http://www.elsni.de/ewiki/index.php/Main/LarsDiskImages

But it is referenced here: http://www.elsni.de/ewiki/index.php/Main/Atari8BitDiskImages

Very strange! Could you set $EnableDiag = 1 on that site? Or, could you email me a copy of the wiki.d/Main.Atari8BitDiskImages file? For some reason the targets aren't being interpreted correctly.



I am also experiencing this problem. on PMwiki 2.1 beta 17

[(approve links) edit diff]
is referenced by
[(approve links) edit diff]
but shows up as a orphaned page.
See Attach:refcountbug.zip for the two pages.
Also, EnableDiag didnt do anything.


I think we too are experiencing this problem - many pages are listed as orphans (using refcount from Main to Main - since all content is in this group) which aren't orphans at all!

Francis August 23, 2006, at 08:07 PM