00769: Can't Change Skin

Summary: Can't Change Skin
Created: 2006-07-04 06:56
Status: Closed
Category: Other
From: Frazer?
Priority: 3
Version: 2.1.11
OS: Unix, php 4

Description: Having uploaded the relevant files and changed:

$Skin = 'notsosimple';

the skin still does not change from the default pmwiki. THe only way I have managed to change it is to change the new skin to run from the pmwiki folder (have tried this with two skins so far). I would appreciate any help or pointers which could help. Setup is simply straight from the download file and using the sample config file. Thanks


  • Seems my config file probably isn't being found despite being in the local directory. Does anyone know of anything I can do to change this?
  • Changed the setting in scripts/skins.php - this gives me my skin but doesn't allow for the other settings in config.
  • double checked and everything seems to be in place just fine


  • Solved by extracting zip file on server rather than uploading files via ftp.