00668: setting $EnableStdWikiStyles to 0 disables ALL wikistyles

Summary: setting $EnableStdWikiStyles to 0 disables ALL wikistyles
Created: 2006-02-11 16:56
Status: Closed - fixed
Category: Bug
From: MarcioRPS
Version: 2.1beta

Description: If I set $EnableStdWikiStyles to 0 all wikistyle functionality is disabled, not only the default PmWiki styles.

That is, you cannot have wikistyles without getting all the english-based default ones (red, blue, etc).

There should be one variable for disabling the Standard Wikistyles and another for disabling all wikistyles.

If you can identify which wikistyles should be "default PmWiki styles" versus which should be disabled by a switch, I can see about adjusting the files accordingly.

Actually, for all I understand the way it is now with the last beta release is correct -- an EnableWikiStyles that set to 0 prevents reading of the wikistyles.php file, and another variable inside said file called EnableStdWikiStyles that prevent styles such as "red" and "rfloat" from being defined.

(This way when I have a portuguese wiki I can prevent using markup that is essentially in english -- that was what compelled me to file the bug)

That is, I believe said bug to be cleared. Thanks.