00581: Parameter to protect Site.SideBar

Summary: Parameter to protect Site.SideBar
Created: 2005-11-04 17:11
Status: Closed - added in 2.1.beta35
Category: Feature
From: Isidor
Priority: 5
Version: 2

Description: Hi,

The Site.SideBar was edit protected, then not anymore. Both options are valid, but when operation a WikiFram it would be nice tu have a parameter in config.php to control Farm Wide if the Site.SideBar need to be edit protected then a new farm is added (i.e.: when Site.SideBar is first created)

The workaround to create a /local/Site.SideBar.php doesn't work because nopass: is defined at the page level.

So if there is a way to define if the Site.SideBar should be protected when created it would be nice.


Isidor November 04, 2005, at 05:11 PM