00664: Page link engine tweak for query strings

Summary: Page link engine tweak for query strings
Created: 2006-02-09 12:03
Status: Open
Category: Feature
From: JonHaupt
Priority: 4
Version: 2.1.beta25
OS: All

Description: The page link engine always changes all links to non-existent pages so that they include ?action=edit. However, the problem is some page actions can be carried out on non-existent pages, like GroupAttributes?action=attr, ?action=totalcounter, or whatever.

It'd be nice if at least there was some way to specify to the link engine that I didn't want to rewrite ?action=whatever to ?action=edit just because the page doesn't exist.

Quoth Pm on pmwiki-users: "It'd be a feature request; but I don't have any problem with modifying the page link engine so that it doesn't add ?action=edit for non-existent pages if a query string is already specified."

Pm went ahead and did this for search results when he issued 2.1.beta27/28 ("Updated handling of inks to non-existent pages and query strings."). Should this PITS be closed? Or should remain open as a broader request for a feature that can be used outside of the context of searches (and pagelists). Pico June 23, 2006, at 10:43 AM