00417: Sync All Pages in one WikiGroup with another WikiGroup

Summary: Sync All Pages in one WikiGroup with another WikiGroup
Created: 2005-04-05 19:41
Status: Suspended
Category: Feature
From: Monty
Priority: 55
Version: 2.1
OS: Any/Any/Any


Mirror Wiki pages

Ability to "upload" new and or revised wiki pages from another wiki group, another wiki site, or an offline wiki (like on a laptop).

  • In case of conflict (where there are new revisions on both the source and target wikis)
    • one wiki could be chosen to override the other in all cases (simple and effective), thus doing a mirror and not a sync
    • allowing the user to decide which page should be kept is an advanced sync feature for the next version
  • where there is no conflict, sync should very straightforward and easy

Features And Benefits

  • Presently, the only way to mirror a WikiGroup from one site (for example, on a personal laptop) to another is to copy the group's files from the wiki.d directory from one to the other, which has these limitations
    • Both website administrators must have SSH access from their hosting provider - this costs more or must be justified in most cases and is not commonly handed out
    • The person doing the mirroring must have the root passwords for both websites
    • The person doing the mirroring must know how to use the shell commands necessary to perform the operation, and must spend the manhours to do it manually each time.
  • WikiGroups in different farms on the same server could periodically sync. Don't know why you wouldn't want to give read write access to the group from all farms concerned, but maybe you would rather sync them manually or regularly, and keep independent copies.
  • In order to mitigate high traffic volumes, sometimes it is desirable to create mirrors of web pages on the network to distribute heavy traffic to prevent "the slashdot effect." This feature would provide an easy way for doing that.
  • This would gain a capability to PmWiki similar to the Win95 briefcase feature that allowed mobile users to work offline and then sync up with the office later.
  • The ability to mirror a WikiGroup need not be restricted to the wiki administrator only, but this power could be given to anyone by merely sharing the URL and password to do so.
  • In an organization where content is proofed for spelling, grammar, and correctness before being published, this would permit for a two tier operation of having a content staging site and a production wiki site.
    • Many departments and schools would find this advantageous, as it would permit some professionalism and journalistic integrity before going live with information.
  • High Availability - Mirroring a WikiGroup to another server on a regular schedule ensures that the information will be highly available in case of disaster, catastrophe, service interruption, intrusion, or data loss at one location.

Hello, I'd like to know

  • why this feature request has been supsended
  • if there are plans to develop this feature
  • if somebody already proofed if it's possible / "easy" to implement it

Yes, it's a feature i'd really love and which would enable me to use pmwiki for my site!

--alessandro rimoldi

This feature was suspended because it's fairly difficult to implement, and it doesn't have enough "demand" yet (as indicated by priority/votes/comments here) to justify the amount of work it will require for me to implement it. --Pm