00020: <p> tags are incorrect in PmWiki 1.0

Summary: <p> tags are incorrect in PmWiki 1.0
Created: 2004-09-02 13:44
Status: Closed - fixed in v2
Category: Bug
From: Anthony Liekens
Priority: 1
Version: All PmWiki 1 versions

Description: When creating paragraphs, PmWiki uses variable $HTMLVSpace="<p></p>"; to typeset paragraphs in the EmitCode function. This results in paragraphs that are HTML-ized as follows:

<p></p>Paragraph text comes here

where it should look like the following:

<p>Paragraph text comes here</p>

When <p> tags are restyled using CSS this shows as none of the text is actually inside a paragraph.

A quick solution is to add


to your config.php, but this breaks HTML compliance if you are interested in compliance.

Pm September 02, 2004, at 01:45 PM: This has been a long-standing "issue" with PmWiki for some time. The problem has been that HTML's <p> tags do not really represent paragraphs. More discussion of the issue is available at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Development/BogusHtmlIsHardToStyle.

This problem is largely "fixed" in PmWiki 2, although it can never be truly fixed (i.e., to be semantically correct) because of the bogus definition of <p> in XHTML.