01255: Nonconverted <vspace> on redirected page

Summary: Nonconverted <vspace> on redirected page
Created: 2011-05-28 23:12
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.2.27
Category: Bug
Priority: 3
Version: 2.2.26
OS: Linux x86_64 PHP 5.2.9p2

Description: There is a non-converted <vspace> tag on redirected page with redirection message.


<p><i>(redirected from <a rel='nofollow'


This breaks XHTML compatibility.

Thanks for your report, this bug should be fixed for version 2.2.27. In the meantime, you can use the following line in your config.php to fix your page before upgrading. --Petko May 29, 2011, at 03:04 AM
$PageRedirectFmt = "<p><i>($[redirected from] <a rel='nofollow'