00996: Request: Embedded "News" Scroller

Summary: Request: Embedded "News" Scroller
Created: 2007-11-28 22:06
Status: Open
Category: Cookbook
From: jerren?
Priority: 1

Description: I would like to create a cookbook that would allow users to embed a "news" scroller of links to pages within the wiki, similar to the example seen at [(approve links) edit diff]

Example of possible wiki code:
    (:scroll height= width= speed=:)



    (:scroll height= width= speed=:)
    (:pagelist link=Category.News count=10 order=-time:)

I'm just starting to dabble in PHP, and also working on creating another cookbook, so I'm posting the idea hear in hopes that others with more experience in PHP & PmWiki who may be interested in the feature can help develop the cookbook.

Any thoughts or suggestions for other improvements?