00187: Tables should render as tables, with borders

Summary: Tables should render as tables, with borders
Created: 2004-11-29 03:00
Status: Closed - added to cookbook
Category: Feature
From: sb?
Priority: 2

Description: Problem:

Tables are used for showing tabular data. If no border is shown around cells, it can be very difficult to read the table.


A border around cells, e.g. implicit border=1

Tables are also frequently used to make a layout, centering images, etc. and in that case, without any border. So the default value is a question of viewpoint.

Anyway, to set a border :

(:markup:) || border=1 || Cell 1 || Cell 2 || || Cell 3 || Cell 4 ||

PmWiki's default is to use the browser default, i.e., by not specifying a border= attribute. However, a WikiAdministrator can customize this locally by setting the value of $BlockMarkups['table'][0] -- this probably should be described at Cookbook.DefaultTableAttributes. --Pm

So rather than specifying styling on a per-table basis, an admin can specify a default class for a table?


Yes. I've now written a cookbook entry that describes how to do this. --Pm