00618: Provide a means for Wiki Trails to traverse a list definition in 2 dimensions.

Summary: Provide a means for Wiki Trails to traverse a list definition in 2 dimensions.
Created: 2005-12-10 10:52
Status: Discussion
Category: Feature
Priority: 3
Version: 2,x
OS: Win2k/apache/php5

Description: If one was to update two tools -- (:toc:) and Wiki Trails one would have a very powerful tool that goes farther than hierarchical groups. Toc would provide the source for the nested layout using the natual indentation. And an updated Wiki Trails provides the means to traverse the toc 'map'. But Wiki Trails right now only traverses 'horizontally' across a given set of pages as defined by the author. But what if Wiki Trails could also traverse 'vertically' as well? In my mind, in the toc any group of pages at the same level are 'horizontal' while any pages ascendent or descendent to that level are the 'vertical'. Alternately an author could build their own 2D trees using the standard PmWiki *,# list markups.

You might want to check out Cookbook:TrailMenu, as it has a way of building hierarchical structures using trails. And trails also do allow depth (via nested bullets) -- we just haven't defined many markups or features that make use of this.



The TrailMenu would be possible but might not work as a footer. What I am trying to get to is something more alone these lines:

             < UP >

<previous | Current | next>

            < DOWN >

Very similiar to the interactive page navigations you see in many interactive How-To's. But I will grant that TrailMenu can achieve what I am looking for, albiet with a slightly different look.

Close this if you wish. I don't want to burn a lot of your time.