01059: Allow Drafts for actions other than Edit

Summary: Allow Drafts for actions other than Edit
Created: 2009-01-02 01:35
Status: Open
Category: Feature
From: Petko
Priority: 3
Version: any

Description: Hi. I am working on a recipe that makes content translation in PmWiki much easier in different languages [1].

Enabling the Drafts feature, and having a *-Draft version, makes PmWiki redirect to '?action=edit', an 'edit' box for the draft page, instead of the 'translate' interface. The '?action=edit' link is hardcoded in scripts/draft.php.

This could be improved if the draft.php script issues a redirect not towards a hardcoded '?action=edit' link, but to the currently used global $action variable.

It is easily fixed by altering the function EditDraft() of the scripts/draft.php file:

  • end of line 47, change "$RecentChangesFmt;" to "$RecentChangesFmt, $action;"
  • line 58, change "Redirect($draftname, '$PageUrl?action=edit');" to "Redirect($draftname, "\$PageUrl?action=$action");"

Thanks, --Petko January 02, 2009, at 01:36 AM