00100: german "umlaute" processed wrong in page-url's

Summary: german "umlaute" processed wrong in page-url's
Created: 2004-10-18 06:00
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel14
Category: Bug
From: KAL
Priority: 4
Version: 2.0.devel13
OS: w2k sp4/apache1.3.29/php4.3.5

Description: If a link to a page contains Umlaute (e.g. ΓΌ = &uuml) it is processed well within a text of the page but wrong if it is within a text of an included page. I think it's because of the translation within pmwiki.php:652, in function IncludeText():

    return htmlentities($itext,ENT_QUOTES);

I sugegst, htmlentity translation should not take place within page-url's (maybe the same problem like in PITS.00053

I added a few test pages in: Main.WikiSandboxTestUmlaute01


For some unknowable reason I used htmlentities when it should be htmlspecialchars (as is used basically everywhere else throughout PmWiki). Making this change appears to have fixed the problem, at least for included text. Thanks. --Pm

It's me, who have to thank for that quick solution. --KAL