00312: coalesce edits in mailposts

Summary: coalesce edits in mailposts
Created: 2005-02-01 10:00
Status: Closed
Category: Feature
From: Sebastian Flothow
Priority: 3
Version: 1.0.11


I'd like to modify the mailposts notifications such that each edited page is listed only once, even if it has been edited several times. After all, people don't want to read the same page several times, and looking through an endless list of edits in the notifactions is annoying, anoying enough to imperil acceptance of PmWiki in my group.

I've read the docs and the Cookbook, but couldn't find anything. Can this be done somehow, short of hacking mailposts.php?


What if you want to see the list of everyone who has edited the page (as opposed to just letting you know the page was edited)? Another option could be to show one entry for every person who edited the page.
~ menachem February 02, 2005, at 01:30 PM