00316: change of $TimeFmt string doesnt update format of "Recent Changes" date

Summary: change of $TimeFmt string doesnt update format of "Recent Changes" date
Created: 2005-02-03 04:51
Status: Closed - resolved
Category: Feature
From: tyndal?
Priority: 1
Version: Version 2.0.beta20
OS: Windows XP (jp), Apache/2.0.49, PHP Version 4.3.7

Description: I want to change the time format string from "XXX, XX, XXXX, at XX:XX XX" to something like the iso standard "XXXX-XX-XX XX:XX".

I was able to do this by simply changing the $TimeFmt variable in pmwiki.php to "%Y-%m-%d %I:%M" .. and the "Page last modified on" and Page History timestamps reflect the change ok, however, "RecentChanges" still shows as the old format...

Looking at the code, $RecentChangesFmt seems to use $CurrentTime, which seems to be using $TimeFmt, not sure why it isnt getting changed..

Im still a beginner a php so i dont have a great grasp of whats going on.

any idea where to change the timestamp?

First, don't modify $TimeFmt (or any other variable) in pmwiki.php -- you really should set a new value for $TimeFmt in your local/config.php.

Second, keep in mind that changes in $TimeFmt won't be reflected in the RecentChanges pages until pages are actually modified. I.e., any new pages you edit should show up in RecentChanges with the new $TimeFmt.

If this isn't working, write back here (or email pmwiki-users) and we'll work on it further. It might also help to have a url that we can look at.


Ok, it works as you say, only new edits reflect the new date format. Just a misunderstanding on my part, I assumed that the date formats on the RecentChanges pages were dynamic like the ones on "Page History" created.. Didnt think about RecentChanges being a static page. It does look kinda odd having different formats displayed though.

I would have posted a url but the wiki is on a company intranet so it cant be accesed from outside ;)

Thanks for the quick respose