01420: pmwiki-2.2.98 to pmwiki-2.2.99 upgarade "Cannot acquire lockfile"

Summary: pmwiki-2.2.98 to pmwiki-2.2.99 upgarade "Cannot acquire lockfile"
Created: 2017-09-09 19:17
Status: Open
Category: Bug
From: nikos?
Version: 2.2.99
OS: 5.6.31


I tried to upgrade my local testing installation from pmwiki-2.2.98 to pmwiki-2.2.102 , and I got a "Cannot acquire lockfile" message.

So, I downgraded to version 101, then to 100, to 99. The problem was there in all above cases. Then I downgraded to version 98, and the wiki "came back". Most likely, something has changed between version 98 and 99, and this causes the problem.

The way I did the up/downgrade was by, simply, extracting the .zip file.Then I copied all the new version's files and folders and pasted them over my wiki installation (replace all files and folders). I don't know if that makes any difference.

I also checked the ChangeLog, and Release Notes, but since I don't know php, I couldn't see anything that would help me.

My system is Mageia 6 x64, with php 5.6.31

nikos? September 09, 2017, at 07:19 PM

Indeed, nothing in PmWiki apparently changed that would relate to the lock file, or to file permissions, between 2.2.98 and 2.2.102. Have you read Troubleshooting#flock and ErrorMessages#flock? This may have been a temporary problem, deleting a wiki.d/.flock file may have fixed it. --Petko September 09, 2017, at 09:28 PM