01075: some unicode characters are damaged

Summary: some unicode characters are damaged
Created: 2009-02-22 05:36
Status: Closed - replied
Version: latest 2.2.0
OS: Windows XP Pro

Description: I'm trying to use pmwiki to display the chinese characters ta, ni, xi or zhang. pmwiki displays for these four always the same character(questionmark alike). If they are written thru the ampersand hash semicolon syntax like below their display is ok.

* [[ta|牠]] 、
* [[ni|你]] 、
* [[xi|习]] 、
* [[zhang|张]] 、
  • Added a new page reference
  • Clicked on that reference and inserted one or more among other of those characters(like those from above).
  • Saved it and the characters are not displayed. Instead those questionmark alike characters are shown.
  • Thru the save something has damaged those characters.

To write/paste Chinese or other non-Latin characters, make sure you enable the UTF-8 encoding, or they may be damaged when you save the page. About the "ampersand hash" question, the example has the same character, 、, repeated 4 times. The question marks are parts of the links to the non-existent pages. --Petko May 07, 2009, at 09:53 PM