01416: missing "changes haven't been saved" warning

Summary: missing "changes haven't been saved" warning
Created: 2017-07-04 06:25
Status: Open
Category: Feature
From: ultra?
Priority: 4
Version: 2.2.92

Description: hi,

dunno if this has been already reported. if not i'm really wondering why.

how to reproduce: if you are editing a text. and you if click a link for example in the sidebar. you do not get a warning message that the text haven't been saved.

means if i click ...the entire new text is gone... back button shows the initial text this just happend to a long text i did over the last 3 hours. (just pressed preview to check my changes)

i'm new to pmwiki and did not expected this. i really expected i get a warning message like in really every other tool.

i really hope you fix that soom. without that feature i think i'll skip pmwiki. would be sad since i really like pmwiki.

regards ultra ultra? July 04, 2017, at 06:26 AM

This exists as a module, see/install Cookbook:NotSavedWarning (Warn authors when they move away from a page without saving it; optionally request an edit summary or an author name). --Petko July 04, 2017, at 06:56 AM

ultra: great thx for the tip... i was already browsing the php code ;) but if it's already done... even greater... ... just tried it...works ...thx alot