00360: Add Captions to pictures

Summary: Add Captions to pictures
Created: 2005-03-06 04:20
Status: Closed - added to 2.0.beta55
Category: Feature
Priority: 3
Version: 2.0beta26
OS: Linux/Apache

Description: When linking to images, would like an easy way of putting a caption with each image, as done in the wikipedia

For a Wikipedia example, see the picture of the Copter here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AgustaWestland_EH_101 This feature is marked up using [[Image:EH101profile.jpg|thumb|right|300px|AgustaWestland Merlin HM Mk.1]]

My Site needs this feature to describe and credit pictures. http://www.vucc.wellington.net.nz/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Rivers/HowtoBoof

Unfortunately, my (free for non-profits) hosting does not work with Pmwiki v2, so I am stuck on v1.

I suggest creating a custom markup for this.

On another topic, why does your hosting not work with PmWiki v2? What errors do you get? AFAIK there's not anything specific about v2 that would prevent it from working...


Hi Pm. I have now upgraded the site to V2. My host runs php in safe mode, and when I installed v2 last time, I did get errors. This time, everything went smoothly. I think i'll chalk it up to inexperience, and be happy that it worked this time.

By custom markup, are you referring to enabling html tags, and expecting my authors to code html? Or does Pmwiki have a method of preconfiguring custom tags?


For custom markup, I'm simply saying that rather than try to shoehorn everything into PmWiki's current image markup, let's create a custom (:img ...:) markup that makes it somehow easy to specify all of the required options, whatever they may be. --Pm