00846: Nonconverted <vspace> on search results page

Summary: Nonconverted <vspace> on search results page
Created: 2006-12-21 15:46
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta21
Category: Bug
From: [[~ranichost
Priority: 4
Version: latest (2.2.0-beta17) and earlier
OS: pmwiki.org & others

Description: The page showing search results has unconverted <vspace> tags in its final result. You can see it writing anything on the Site.Search page, pressing [Search] and then viewing source of the resulting page.

(AFAI understand, $HTMLVSpace in $SearchResultsFmt is rendered as <vspace> and then not converted by PRR at the end of FmtPageList() for (:searchresults:))

Note also, that it breaks XHTML compatibility.

Fixed for 2.2.0-beta21, thanks!