00285: "Author name is required" could be better placed

Summary: "Author name is required" could be better placed
Created: 2005-01-13 09:41
Status: Closed - moved to 00308
From: Profiles
Priority: 543
Version: 2

Description: It would be nice if the "an author name is required" message was placed next to the author name field.

I don't think so. If someone is looking for a reason, why he couldn't save his changes, he won't look at the bottom of the page.
I agree, that it should perhaps be a light red, or something like that, to make it clearly visible as a condition.

I have to agree -- it makes more sense for all of the possible error messages to appear at the very top of the edit form. Changing the color of the message should be done either through a skin CSS variable or by changing the message text itself ($AuthorRequiredFmt). --Pm

The "Jakob" way would be to do both. The error message should be at the top of the page, and the troublesom part of the form should be highlighted.

Yes, that is correct, but how do you hihglight en edit field? The only thing you could do, is to use css to change the color of the "Author"-Label, but I don't think that it is necessary, as the user has only two choices: the Text he entered, or the author field. If you really want to change the position of the message next to the author field, you should be able to do it with css, but I'd have to check that.

Highlighting the text field would do it.

This is now being handled in conjunction with PITS:00308. --Pm