00461: Multiple Tables not displayed under IE

Summary: Multiple Tables not displayed under IE
Created: 2005-07-11 02:13
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: Shlee?
Priority: 3
Version: Version 2.0.beta42
OS: Apache 4.3.11

Description: Ive tried basic tables/advanced tables/divs and it has the same result.

I have been using Pmwiki and its almost perfect for my new project but after putting a fair bit of work into it. I have been using Firefox, I decided to check if the page worked under IE.It works fine under firefox. small problems under opera and totally boned under IE. I think tables need to be looked over or setup some ie compatbility

This is a copy/paste from my wiki The problem has been tested on the Sandbox with the same result.


Rock-ED Creative Control.
Control of Rock-ED has been handed over to some of the artists. This is a idea ive been mulling over in my head for awhile. Giving Joel and myself greater control over the page aswell as giving an interactive enviroment for the artists.
Rock-ED Finally Moved To New Home.
The Master Rock-ED server has been moved to Australia's most reliable hosting company. This has taken down the Forum and a number of other services but they will return asap, This allows us to offer some interesting bonuses to our featured artists due to the fantastic services given to us.

Apart from a more powerful server and increased bandwidth for us. This allows us to offer artists room to store and spread there masterpieces.
Coming Sooner then later.
Ive slowly been turning the original layout designed by the fantastic Juila into a bunch of PHP pages and basic navigation should be done soon. I have to contact about 100 bands for profiles but the layouts are fairly complete.

Update: Rock-ED Torrents has been offically opened and will be updated soon. Hosting 2 songs from Local SA band Mope Dialer for started but more will follow. Rock-ED Torrents allow us to share Demos, Recordings, Videos and any other Rock-ED related things.

Ive finished the coding for "Rock-ED News" and ive been playing around with "Rock-ED lyrics" so both those projects should be active pretty soon.


This really looks to be a IE floating table bug. The HTML being generated is correct -- this page validates just fine at w3c. In the markup you have

    || align=left border=0 width=642 bgcolor=#F5f7f7

why is that align=left there? This causes the table to become a floating table, and IE is having trouble with the float (as IE often does). If you re-do the tables without align=left then everything seems to work -- see 00461-Test.