00072: the main page works, but nothing else works.

Summary: the main page works, but nothing else works.
Created: 2004-10-06 02:45
Status: Closed
Category: Bug
From: sophana?
Priority: 4
Version: 2.0 devel10 and devel11
OS: linux?,apache1.3.29,php4.x

Description: I installed pmwiki 2.0 devel 10 at free.fr webhosting. the php is in safe mode, it is in cgi mode, so that the php can write file in there without problems.

[(approve links) edit diff]

pmwiki 1 is working well: [(approve links) edit diff]

the main page loads ok, but nothing else works. with, pmwiki2 the main page works, but all the links are blank surely because the link type:

[(approve links) edit diff] do not work (blank page)

[(approve links) edit diff] displays a page (but cannot edit it...)

I tried to add the .htaccess file with AcceptPathInfo, but it gives a error 500.

Help welcome.

Hi, I have succesfully installed pmwiki 2.0 (now devel 11) on free.fr and it is working well. I am rigth now doing a new clean install to check the installations steps. noe Done, I just copy the pmwiki 2 devel 11 files and that's all ... Maybe I found something, I have a .htaccess file to force php5 mode. Could you rename your pmwiki.php file in pmwiki.php5 ?

Ok Renaming pmwiki.php to pmwiki.php5 did solve the problem. Thanks a lot

An other idea is to set the flag $EnablePathInfo to 0 in local/config.php . (It works with the last version of pmwiki I'm using: beta 2). It will work but the address appear like [(approve links) edit diff] instead of [(approve links) edit diff]