00534: Entering wiki data trough e-mails

Summary: Entering wiki data trough e-mails
Created: 2005-09-20 06:15
Status: Closed - duplicate 00468
Category: Feature
From: hfwang
Version: all
OS: all

Description: Entering data into the wiki requieres a webbrowser, logging in search for the correct page, formatting the data, then save.

Virtually everybody has his mailclient running. Would it be possible to send mails to the wiki to add data?

Subject: MyPage

Context: blah, blah, blah

Then the wiki will use the date/timestamp of the e-mail as a tag for a new ' paragraph' ' section' or blogthinggy and the sendername/e-mail.

That would make it MUCH easier for people to send e-mails to the wiki (maybe even use templates depending on subject) and thus catch much more info. I am talking about a verbatim copy of the e-mail content, formatting is for version xxx.xx ;-)

So now you can cc the wiki on your important (project) mails and have it all on file.

Just a thought....

hfwang: Oops, same as #00468 Still think it would be great to have this feature!!!