00462: (:searchbox:) has now predefined width

Summary: (:searchbox:) has now predefined width
Created: 2005-07-11 03:10
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: Klonk
Priority: 5
Version: 2.0 beta45

Description: the markup (:searchbox:) has now a hard coded size. Thus cannot be changed via CSS anymore.

Best would be to remove the size attribute from the markup.

CSS changes the size of the searchbox just fine. This happens to be true for most HTML attributes (except style=) -- the CSS overrides the attribute setting in the tag.

To demonstrate this, this page has the following CSS enabled:

    div#pitstest .wikisearchbox { width:50px; }

and you can see the effect of the CSS on the second searchbox below.

This is a normal searchbox:

This is a searchbox styled with "width:50px" :

This is a normal searchbox:

This is a searchbox styled with "width:50px" :

So I'm inclined to think this isn't really a "bug".


Either the 50px style is no longer defined for this page or it does indeed appear to be a bug in pmwiki-2.0.12. (Both searchboxes above are the same width.) --Hagan

Ahh, I think I found the problem. The markup I used was %searching%(:searchbox:)%% which worked fine before. searching was then a class name. After looking at the resulting HTML source I saw that searching block ends before the search form. Therefore the CSS could not be applied to the searchbox.

So using


then worked for me.

So I have to admit this is no bug.

Just one more hint: You should state in the documentation that >>...<< should be located on different lines when using >><< at the end otherwise no >><< is not needed anymore. -- Klonk