00025: PageHistory show last version only

Summary: PageHistory show last version only
Created: 2004-09-03 06:36
Status: Closed - no feedback received.
Category: Bug
From: Thor?
Priority: 5
Version: 1.0.5
OS: freebsd/apache/php4.3.8

Description: After installing pmwiki at my place and authoring some pages, the PageHistory for a page (example: [(approve links) edit diff]) shows lots of revised versions, but clicking 'Restore' on a new or old version always yields the last/current version.

I assume clicking on Restore should present me with the old version.

thor at hdlab.net

It looks to me as though the "diff" utility is not running on your system--either the Unix-standard diff(1) command is not in the standard place or it is not executable by your web process for some reason (e.g., safe_mode or system restrictions in effect). Although your page history shows lots of revised versions, it's not showing the actual revisions, which means the history is not being saved (see pmwiki.org pages for examples of what the page history should look like).

Try setting $SysDiffCmd='diff'; in your config.php. If that doesn't work, see if you can find the location of the diff utility on your host and set $SysDiffCmd to that. Finally, if that doesn't help, set $EnableDiag=1; in your config.php so we can have a look at that.