01383: Galleria : Init failed: Galleria could not find

Summary: Galleria : Init failed: Galleria could not find
Created: 2016-04-28 08:01
Status: Open
Category: Other
From: PKHG
Priority: 1
Version: from 2014
OS: pjp >= 5

Description: The galleria addon works nicely BUT on not galleria pages an error mesage, white text on black background at upper left corner occurs: Init failed: Galleria could not find ... .galleria

I changed the *min.js file to place this message at hight -30 so it is outside the screen.

But I would like to know WHAT this errormessage generates, not found yet.

Peter PKHG April 28, 2016, at 08:01 AM

Is this the Cookbook:Galleria addon, or the Cookbook:MiniGalleria addon, or something else? Do you have the latest version installed? If not, please install the latest version where the bug may have been fixed. --Petko April 28, 2016, at 09:04 AM PKHG Finally done and after getting the latest zip and installing the galleria does what is supposed it should do ;-)

MatthiasD? (DE) I'm actual getting this error after about 10 seconds on pages NOT containing any >>gallery<< Code. Are there any hints to solve the problem? I'd thankful overtake all solutions :-)

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