This page tests an experimental (:newpagebox:) markup. There are several forms available.

Now available at Cookbook.NewPageBox. --Pm

The first form is the simplest -- it provides a text box into which an author can enter the name of a new page to be created. By default the new page is created in the same group as the current page, but an author can also include a group name in the name of the new page.


⚠ (:newpagebox:)

(:newpagebox:) allows a base= parameter to specify that the name of the new page should be relative to some page other than the current one (e.g., to have pages created within another group). The following example will create new pages in the Test2 group:

(:newpagebox base=Test2.HomePage:)

⚠ (:newpagebox base=Test2.HomePage:)

Finally, an author can provide a template= parameter to specify another page that should be used as a template if creating a new page. For example, the directive below will start a new page using the contents of Main.WikiSandbox as the page template. (The template= option has no effect on existing pages.)

(:newpagebox template=Main.WikiSandbox:)

⚠ (:newpagebox template=Main.WikiSandbox:)

Request: could you set up and option template=self (or similar word), which would use the current page as the template?

Another Request: how about adding a "default" option? The default could be set to a static value, or some other definable value. Like this:

(:newpagebox template=Main.WikiSandbox base=test2.home default=foobar:)

⚠ (:newpagebox template=Main.WikiSandbox base=test2.home default=foobar:)

Or, with a bit more work -- allow some variables:

(:newpagebox template=Main.WikiSandbox base=test2.home default=$Date$Time:)

⚠ (:newpagebox template=Main.WikiSandbox base=test2.home default=$Date$Time:)

Where $Date and $Time would be the server date / time.

Will this feature become available in the downloaded version? I've inserted the (:newpagebox:) markup in beta38, however the result is only to see the text as entered, and not the button and data entry box. 19 Jun 2005.

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