00416: Date Headings in Recent Changes

Summary: Date Headings in Recent Changes
Created: 2005-04-04 03:43
Status: Cookbook
Category: Feature
From: JBarry?
Priority: 443

Description: Modifying Recent Changes to add a heading with the date, then changes on that date listed below it, preferably skipping the heading on the days with no changes. For wiki's updated often, this would allow determining if any changes happened today, and which pages they are, with a quick glance.

Demonstrated at [(approve links) edit diff]

For a variety of reasons I think this might be useful as a fmt=date option to (:pagelist:). This could be added to the cookbook.

Otherwise, we can see about modifying the RecentChanges() function in pmwiki.php.


Actually, both of these would be nice. Kathryn Andersen August 04, 2006, at 06:43 PM