00463: i18n issue due to Site.EditXxx

Summary: i18n issue due to Site.EditXxx
Created: 2005-07-12 19:12
Status: Closed - fixed in 2.0.5
Category: Bug
From: Isidor
Priority: 555
Version: b44-46

Description: Hi

Due to the new Site.EditForm Site.EditQuickReference (and other) i18n translation are not working any more because they are still in PmWikiFr.EditQuickReference format


It's okay for the quick references pages to continue to live in the PmWikiXx groups; we just need to update the pointers in the XLPage files. I have that on my to-do list.

--Pm Great Thx Isidor

Pm, it's not fixed in 2.05 for French It works for German but not for French

Googing to page http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWikiFr/PmWikiFr?action=edit
all the words are in French but not the Quick Ref

Is there something I could do to help ?

It's fixed now; all that needed to be done was to update the {$SiteGroup}.EditQuickReference link on PmWikiFr.XLPage. I went ahead and updated the {$SiteGroup}.UploadQuickReference link while I was at it.

I pm, it works fine for EditQuickReference but on my pmwiki, UploadQuickReference doesn't work. I cannot test on pmwiki.org ;-)
I've also created the page PmWikiFr/Search, and in the PmWikiFr.XLPage this line '($SiteGroup)/Search' => 'PmWikiFr.Search',
But it works with '$SiteGroup/Search' => 'PmWikiFr.Search',

But I cannot make it work --Isidor