00500: RecentChanges not behaving as desired (user error involved)

Summary: RecentChanges not behaving as desired (user error involved)
Created: 2005-08-29 10:51
Status: Closed - upgrade problem
Category: Bug
From: Henning
Priority: 4
Version: 2.0b55
OS: Linux/Apache 2

Description: After upgrading from 2.0b43 to 2.0b55, it looks to me as if the RecentChanges functionality has some bugs:

  1. There is no recognizable sort order any more.
  2. New changes seem to be missing entirely.
  3. For some documents, several old changes are listed in addition to the most recent change.
  4. Change summaries are not provided if entered in the new summary field.
  5. The PITS 00378 problem seems to affect all pages with WikiWord names.

Surprisingly, AllRecentChanges seems unaffected (except for the missing summary fields).

(I've had very similar problems with 2.0b44 and 2.0b48 a couple of weeks ago, that's why I stayed with 2.0b43. Maybe it's the fault of my configuration, but from the release notes, I'd think that transition.php should handle most issues automatically.)

--Henning August 29, 2005, at 10:51 AM

Are you running the MarkupExtended recipe, and if so, what version of the recipe? Older versions of MarkupExtended often conflicted with RecentChanges. This is almost certainly the case if the change summaries aren't showing up in the RecentChanges pages.


I did indeed run MarkupExtended in an old version.

I upgraded to the new version, but still have problems:

  1. Is there a way of generating a fresh RecentChanges file? It looks to me as if the old version could re-write the entire file while the new version can only add to the existing file. (This means I can't get the entries ordered again.)
  2. The PITS 00378 problem still seems to affect all pages with WikiWord names.
  3. While Main/AllRecentChanges sorts by time of last change with newest changes on top, Site/AllRecentChanges sorts in the opposite order.
  4. While Main/AllRecentChanges tracks only the latest changes, Site/AllRecentChanges logs all changes.

--Henning August 31, 2005, at 09:43 AM

After erasing Site/AllRecentChanges (by means of editing) and setting Markup('spaced','');

  • the PITS 00378 problem is gone,
  • the sort order for the new entires seems to be "newest on top" again,
  • only the latest changes are logged.

Well, I'll just have to get rid of all existing RecentChanges files. I'd have preferred to rebuild them, but how could this be done? --Henning September 01, 2005, at 08:16 AM

On each RecentChanges page, add a sequence of two consecutive spaces immediately after the name of the first entry in the list. For example, if you have

    * SomePage . . . date
    AnotherPage . . . date
    ThirdPage . . . date

then change this to (note the extra space after SomePage.

    * SomePage  . . . date
    AnotherPage . . . date
    ThirdPage . . . date

This will cause all new entries to appear above SomePage, while retaining the previous RecentChanges list.

Pm September 01, 2005, at 09:11 AM