00717: Creation of a visual map of links

Summary: Creation of a visual map of links
Created: 2006-04-05 12:28
Status: Open
Category: Feature
Priority: 433
Version: all
OS: all

Description: A visual clickable map that shows relationships between pages is valuable to get a general idea and detect patterns in content.

A great example (implemented in MoinMoin, another WikiEngine) can be found in http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/VisualSiteMap

The GraphViz package is used to create the graph (many algorithms and output formats are available) which comes standard in many server distributions.

The script takes its input from the list of links, starting from the current page, and passes that to GraphViz, which in turn creates the graph and the imagemap info to make it clickable.

Ideally, the script chould not only be run upon clicking a link, but even better, could be inserted in the page template. Maybe something like (:visualsitemap:) or similar.

I am no coder, but I can help with documentation and/or graphics customization.

Is anyone interested in such a script?

Thanks a lot for your attention. :-)

I have created GraphViz diagrams of my wiki offline for navigation structure diagnosis purposes, so I like your suggestion! It probably would help people to find things on large wiki. However, it might not be perfectly compatible with the (implicit) PmWiki philosophy of keeping technology simple ... --Henning October 11, 2007, at 12:15 PM