00629: (:if auth admin:) doesn't work with ?action=refcount

Summary: (:if auth admin:) doesn't work with ?action=refcount
Created: 2005-12-29 03:40
Status: Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta18
Category: Bug
From: floozy?
Priority: 3
Version: 2.1.beta15
OS: FreeBSD/Apache2/PHP5.0.4


My pmwiki installation uses an admin password:
$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = crypt('adminpw');

The refcount action is restricted to admins:
$HandleAuth['refcount'] = 'admin';

When calling ?action=refcount the prompt for the admin password appears, but text inside (:if auth admin:) directives in the wiki sidebar and page actions menu doesn't appear as it normally does when viewing wiki pages restricted to admins.

Hmm, this has me stumped. Is there a url where I could view the problem?


I've created a test page to demonstrate the behaviour: PITS629.HomePage?.